SWAP item #1 done!

A bit ruffled after wearing it all day (well, a light pressing for the picture). It turned out ok. There’s about a dozen tweaks that I added to the (self-drafted) pattern for version 2, but it’s definitely wearable (made it through a workshop, the library, a long walk downtown, computer work, and a colloquium with the only major trouble being stretching my arms enough to untie my boots (undoing the cuff buttons solved that – they are a bit too tight!)). With some more room through the biceps and across the back, the next one will be more comfortable, but the stretch in this cotton means this one isn’t bad. Which surprised me, being a mostly-knit-top girl.

It worked really nicely with the cabled vest and brown wool pants!

Have already got the easy parts of version 2 done:

white cotton collared shirt

I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed with how well and how fast these are coming off the machine!


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