Inverse Sock Pattern Released!

New pattern up!!!

This one went through quite the journey on it’s way from inception to upload.

Ya see, it was like this. DH was properly appreciative of the socks I made him (as well he should, Mr. Size 13 feet, ehem), but he commented that he never liked the irritating things on the insides of socks – like purl bumps and seams on commercial socks. He always thought socks should be worn inside out.

Well, I’m the one making the things, so it shouldn’t be a problem to make them to be worn “inside out”. Except who wants to purl around, and around, and around, 76 stitches per round? Somehow I still have a mental block about that, even though half the time I now do combination knitting so the purls are really not any harder than the knits. I started looking for a stitch pattern than would work both on the Right Side and the Wrong Side – that way I could do the whole sock in mostly knitting, but turn it around and give him snazzy socks that have the purl side out. Took a little inventive thinking over the flap heel construction, but dagnabit, I think I sorted it.

Introducing Inverse:
Inverse socks, both knit and purl sides, side view

Wear it knit side out, wear it purl side out, entirely up to you. And thanks to an extended test knitting period and great feedback, the pattern directions are now based on stitch markers instead of needle numbers, which really streamlines the write up and makes it easier for 2circ and magic loopers to read (before they had to skip the double points instructions and look for theirs).

For more info, check out the pattern page!

This pattern is also included in the Help for Haiti campaign. Thank you so much all those who’ve participated already, and UNICEF thanks you too!


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