UNICEF Thanks You!

Because of your participation in the “Help for Haiti“, I was able to send a healthy contribution to UNICEF this morning – money that was doubled by the Canadian International Development Agency! On top of that, Ravelry’s Casey and Jess have donated the extra money they made from pattern hosting fees in January to MSF/DWB, since much of that spike was due to Help for Haiti pattern sales!! I think it’s even more important to get money out there now, when the first rush to help is waning, yet the need is just as big.

On the knitting front, I finally got my friend’s baby set done. I made the first Pea Pod set for her first born back in June 2007 (not when her first was born, when I made it! It actually took me a bit to find the post, I kept looking in 2008 – has it really been that long???). When it turned out she was having twins this time, I had to make a second one, because really, won’t that be utterly adorable? Yes, I get to say things like that because I won’t have to be up every half hour for the next 3 months, nor will I have to grow an extra set of arms to stop two toddlers from turning the living room to rubble :P.
pink PeaPod baby sweater
(100% reclaimed materials, 6mos size, from Kate Gilbert’s Pea Pod Baby Set – that’s just the Ravelry pattern page, which says it’s not available at the moment, hopefully they get it back up soon, it’s a great pattern!)


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