Knitting Olympics!

In the spirit of aiming high and going for gold**, I’m joining the Knitting Olympics and the Ravelympics’ Designers Original Dance event.

I’m going to finally knit up a cowled pullover out of this luscious Louet Mohair in Caribbean Blue.
Caribeean blue Louet Mohair

It’s been sitting all by it’s lonesome since last August when I swatched the one ball I bought and turned around and ordered the rest. It was intended for a “believe it’s Spring, but the thermometer says otherwise” bit of bright warmth in March (and April, and …) around here to lessen the doldrums of wearing the same dark coloured stuff for six months. I figured this might just get it wearable in time, even if the pattern doesn’t get written, tested and posted until a few months later!

Intent: top-down (new to me!), set-in sleeve, cowl pullover with extra long sleeves and a bit of lace detailing around the hem. The body might become extra long too, but that depends on how fast the yarn runs out – hence learning to do it top down! Caveat: things always change during the design process!

(**please, no mentions of SWAP or that in order to get gold in the Knitting Olympics you have to actually finish – no raining on parades at the start of the race, ‘k?)


One thought on “Knitting Olympics!

  1. Bonne chance! Viel Glueck! buena suerte! goed geluk! and a big thank you to Babelfish 😉

    Yarn looks yummy — I’ve never been brave enough to try mohair!

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