Frustrating day.

That longer needle was likely a 5.5mm, not a 6mm. Sleeve frogged. I actually tightened up my gauge by the middle of the sweater – but it’s staying like that. It still fits, and I’m praying for a blocking gift.

The white collared shirt is still a mess. Now admitting that the collar is too tight is probably an important step. I’m giving it one more shot, and then I’m going to chuck it in the corner until my mom can drape it on me (trust me, DH tries, but he hates it, and he doesn’t know what he’s doing!). I know that it’s stupid to keep flogging this horse when I have 9 other SWAP garments to make, but the main reason for joining the SWAP was to force me to sort this out! (Yes, I do know the irony of joining a heavy deadline contest to get a difficult garment working!)

May tomorrow be a better day!!!


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