And the mountain has been scaled

white collared shirt frontwhite collared shirt backwhite collared shirt side

Big changes to this draft? I grabbed the collar pieces off of a Burda pattern (thanks to DH for indirectly reminding me I had those patterns – I was at the point of going out and buying a shirt pattern!) and used it’s neck opening length, and added back shoulder darts.

Sure, it’s not absolutely perfect, but I’m going to have to try it on good fabric first to find out exactly. This stuff is stretch cotton that wrinkles when you look at it sideways, and finds a way to pick up every piece of lint in a 10 m radius. I kept having to dig out dark bits of fluff from under the fused interfacing. I think I’m turning into a believer in the “use good materials” camp – sometimes cheap doesn’t pay :P.

But, phew! I didn’t think I would make it. It’s been a long and frustrating road. But I’m very happy to have a pattern that now only needs tweaks every time. This brings my complement of TNT (tried and true) patterns up to: pants, 6 or 8 gore skirt, collared shirt, and t-shirt.

Up next? Hmm, could finish up the last draft without the collar and puffed sleeves, could do either of the other two white shirts I’ve got cut out… or I could jump onto TNT attempt #5: jeans.

And just because you know the kind of don quixote tenacious person I am, I bet you guessed right:

jeans pockets


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