New pattern – Precipitous

My high hopes for the Knitty Spring/Summer edition were for naught, but that’s the way it goes in publishing. Especially when we’re talking Knitty – I don’t envy Amy having to choose only a handful from the hundreds of submissions she gets every quarter!

But since the pattern has to be written in its entirety before submission, it does make it much easier to bring it to life anyway – some style changes, put the text together with the pictures, add some links, and ta da:

Precipitous - lace version

Precipitous! Because looking around, I know I’m not the only one who’s champing at the bit to pull out the spring/summer clothes. I’ve been wearing dark things for far too long. But while it’s been unseasonably warm this last week, it’s no where near ditching-the-sweaters temperature.

Precipitous - solid version

I had the idea for these while I was on the observation deck of the ferry, and the wind coming off the harbour had a bit of a bite to it. It wasn’t that I needed a sweater per se (it was July after all), but short sleeves weren’t the best option. What I wanted was removable sleeves. Don’t take up too much room in the bag, pull out when needed. Just turns out “when needed” is also when I really want to switch up a winter wardrobe while Mother Nature still has the furnace off!

Precipitous - both versions

The pattern is written as a worksheet, so pick your favourite yarn and needles, get a couple of key measurements, fill in the blanks and presto: custom fit arm warmers! There are measurements for a woman’s medium in worsted weight yarn given as an example.


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