Published update

It’s been a whirlwind of a Spring, and it’s barely begun! I’ve got two new patterns out in magazines. First, the Breidin Tunic in Yarn Forward #23, which unfortunately I only got a couple crappy shots of before I packed it up, and they haven’t sorted out their website yet:
Breidin Tunic, Yarn Forward 23
If you have access to Berroco yarns, the Glacier, light pink (can’t recall the name off the top of my head), and Chocolate work really well in this stitch pattern – the Glacier melts in more than the light blue of the Rowan colour way. But it should be easy to swap yarns for this one, the merino or wool DK weight is easy to get! The pattern is written extra long to go over skinny jeans or tights.

Second – the Handkerchief Tee in Interweave Knits Spring 2010 (professional photos at that link)!! I happen to be a fan of handkerchief hems ;).
Handkerchief Tee front

Handkerchief Tee back
Weren’t these the perfect buttons? Purple with swirling pattern in glitter. Not so often you get lucky in a chain fabric store!
Handkerchief Tee buttons
If this one makes its way back to me, I think I’ll add another set of buttons closer into the neck, as it did tend to slide off my shoulders (like everything else – I’ve yet to figure out a handbag style that will stay on without going cross-the-body messenger bag style…), and maybe add a ribbon belt. The waistline seam was necessary in the bamboo to keep things from drooping too much, but it’s perfect for a little belt accesorizing!

(And seeing the styling in both magazines – apparently I’ve missed the “over a long sleeved shirt – even patterned” trend. I think that one will take a while to sink in, but it’s far more likely I’ll pick it up than the skinny jeans :P.)


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