SWAP #4 & 5

As she makes the valiant (although still highly improbable) stab at completing SWAP on time…

Purple cowl top and cropped jeans

#4: cropped jeans based on Jalie 968. I fought with the fit of these for weeks. I still haven’t quite solved it, although they are at least comfortable.

Cropped Jeans Front ViewCropped Jeans Back View










The fabric came from a second hand denim skirt, hence the interesting colour shifts – but with the patchwork jeans in style, I think they work! The pearl snap fly is for the “unusual closure” requirement for SWAP. With the rest of the 80s coming back, snap flys have to be in there too, right? I reduced the depth of the yoke to be more current, and the pockets are from a much smaller size due to fabric constraints (although I think they look nicely balanced, the proper size might have been overwhelming!). These are actually a fairly dark wash, but the details don’t show up in the pictures if the colour comes out right!

Close up of jeans flyDetail of back of jeans















The top is from my standby – Jalie 2005 T-shirt pattern. I got the cowl from The Selfish Seamstress (who is so generous as to give away pattern drafts!). It just so happened that the inner circumference exactly matched up to my size crew neck (sorry, I can’t remember which now – V?), so I didn’t even have to grade it! This is a thin, extra-stretchy knit that I’m guessing is a cotton/poly blend by the feel of it. I think my mom found it at an auction. (Thanks Mom!) It looks like the shoulder seams could use some stabilizing (something I don’t normally find necessary, but during the pictures I seem to have pulled them right off the shoulder points!) – I’m wearing it now and they are fine… maybe I’ll just keep an eye on it.

It was so nice to whip something up quickly after the painstaking slowness of the jeans redraft and redraft and redraft! And it’s actually very colourful next to most of my t-shirt drawer!!


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