The all important, yet utterly boring to photograph, pair of black pants.

Front view

Even though there is this ticking clock thing (yikes, is it already April?!?!?!), I did rip out the front waistband and get it to line up at the top of the zipper. I’m glad I did.

No reason to curse them every time I wore them, just to finish a contest in time ;).

I really like how the embroidered cotton pockets worked out:

Not that I’m sure they are very visible in their true dark-black state, but I know they are there ;).

Details: my TNT pant draft with narrower legs, a stiff linen-look fabric that I’m guessing is a poly/natural blend (likely cotton), fly front, shaped yoke waistband. Wear test: made it all day looking not too rumpled and still comfy! Will have to wait until summer to find out how much poly really is in there.

Next up: shirtdress. In black. Oh dear.


4 thoughts on “SWAP #6

    1. Thanks so much!

      The pattern was originally a Burda magazine pants pattern, although it’s gone through so many iterations and tweaks since then, I’m not sure it resembles the original much anymore ;).

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