Slowly mending, but I did get a pair of socks out of it – how often can you say that about a virus?

But knitting while sick isn’t without it’s consequences – I found out three more what I’m calling Sock Commandments:

Thou shalt not use more than 1/2 the stitches for the instep stitch pattern.

– or you get pretty screwed when you try and turn the heel.

Thou shalt not pick a lace pattern that decreases the number of stitches for some rows.

– or pulling them on gets pretty darned interesting. Not to mention the confusion during said heel turn when you happen to be on one of the “less stitches” rows.

and Thou shalt not chose a lace pattern that has 5-to-1 decreases peppered through every 8th row.

– or thou shalt go crazy :P.

Needless to say, these ones are a one-off!!


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