SWAP sneak peak

I’ve got the minimum number of garments done!!!!!!!!!! (!!!!!!!) (Hey, it’s the first time I actually finished a SWAP, let me celebrate!) The rules say 11 garments, but 2 can be premade/purchased, and I’ve got 9 of them done!

The latest two will have proper posts with proper pictures later, but here’s a sneak peak:

Matched print: hooded jersey
To comply with the “matched print” requirement – this is actually a last minute switch from my Plan. At the beginning of last week it occurred to me as I was fighting with my self-drafted tunic that the embroidered cotton (same stuff that is in the facings of the pants and dress) that showing the “matching” part of the embroidery was going to be really hard online – the pattern is really large, and all you can do on side seams is make sure the horizontal repeats line up. I found this jersey in February, and bought the Dec 09 Burda magazine in March, and as of Wednesday decided that it’d make a good #120 hooded pullover!

Puffed Sleeve Shirt
When life gives you lemons… or when you have to make multiple muslins to get a shirt draft to fit, and when one of those muslins was fine except it kept wrinkling every time you put the collar on, how about not putting a collar on? New sleeves, make facings for a wider neckline, voilà!

Please cross your fingers for me though. At the very end, I found three spots of black between the facing and the back. Powdery, kind of like powdered ink? I have NO idea where it came from, or what it is. After trying rubbing alcohol, soap, detergent, OXY Baby, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda… it’s faded a bit. Nothing seems to dissolve this stuff. Last ditch, I’m going to try bleach and hope it’ll be faded enough to wear – it’s not like this is going to be a “nice” blouse in any case (it’s the fabric that wrinkles if you sneeze two apartments over), but I’d like to be able to wear it more than once to the same place without it screaming “permanant stain!”.


2 thoughts on “SWAP sneak peak

  1. Lovely pieces!

    If all else fails with your very clever white top maybe consider dyeing it or maybe just a touch of embroidery?

  2. (laugh) – this may be the SWAP’s way of telling me using embroidered material was a cop-out for the “embellishment” requirement, even though it was allowed :P.

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