What’s a girl to do after an exhausting 4 months of sewing for SWAP? Why, sew of course! Nothing like a buzz from getting something accomplished to get you moving on more :P.

More colour that is. I’m definitely done with the black. And white. And blue.

PEACH! Now we’re talking. (don’t let the thumbnail fool you, it’s just plain broadcloth)

Won’t it be delicious in something like this?

Simplicity 4708 - 1954

Since I know from experience that I’m less likely to wear something if it’s volumes of intense colour, I’m going to borrow the skirt from a similar modern pattern:

New Look 6557

I’m also going to grab it’s back-of-the-neck tie, since I like diagonal lines on me better than the effective square neckline of the original.

So since I’m franken-patterning, I’ve had to try and make the pieces work together. It’s been a bit of a head scratcher (for instance, keep the straight waistline of the original, or go for the dipped that went with the skirt?). I pulled out the tape measure to figure out what size matched up with what, and I just had to giggle.

Vintage Simplicity: standard waist – 27″, waist of dress 27 1/2″.
Modern New Look: standard waist – 26 1/2″, waist of dress 30 1/2″

Why have 1/2″ of ease when you can have 4? It’s no wonder people have trouble with pattern fitting these days!


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