Maybe Jung had it right…

OK, so the number of times my mom and I have come up with similar design ideas could be down to environment, upbringing, and genetics. But when I was coming down to the wire with SWAP, I pulled out all my dress patterns, seeing if there was something else I could make up quickly that would work with the plan. There is one that was a “maybe”, but I never got around to trying because item #10 was finished mere hours before the deadline, so a dress from my closet was added in. But while I was sifting through the options, I fell hard for vintage Simplicity 4708:

vintage simplicity 4708

and I had some peach fabric that had been marinating in my stash for years. I had worked out the grading (um, I do NOT have a 26″ waist!), morphing the skirt of New Look 6557 onto it, had started in on the sewing when the Selfish Seamstress put up this mystery post, with a very familiar looking pattern thumbnail. What did Jung say about the collective unconscious?

Very soon thereafter (does she sew at the speed of light, or does it only seem that way?):

Selfish Seamstress's Sugar Snow Dress

her Sugar Snow Dress is done, and amazing! She almost got me wondering if I should have changed the skirt the way I did, but I’m sticking to my “too much bright colour ends up staying in my closet”, and I’ll keep an eye out for an understated print to try one just like hers.

Even with the august company, I’m very happy with how this version turned out:

peach sundress front

(unlike the Selfish Seamstress, I don’t go out in freezing weather in sundresses for good pictures! The wind the way it is today would likely show you more than you bargained for in any case :P).

peach sundress oblique

I was a little disappointed with the proportions of the gathered section and midriff band (curse the extra-tall “models” on pattern envelopes stretching design elements out!), but that’s easily fixed if I do it again.

And the zipper?

peach sundress back

I did what should have been done in the first place: took everything out, added the interfacing, and carefully machine stitched it in again (in the right spot!). Far, far less work than trying to fix as I went!

One day I might go back and add a little horsehair braid to the bottom to have it flare out a bit more, but I’ll wait and see how I wear it. It’s most likely going to turn out to be a casual summer sundress, in which case I won’t bother. Flared hems look a little out of place on the beach!


One thought on “Maybe Jung had it right…

  1. That’s beautiful! I love the gathered bodice – a great look!!! Great job matching the skirt; you’d never know it wasn’t part of the original pattern.

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