Time dilation

(Apologies for the long hiatus – work kinda took over there for a bit. For those who know my history, you know how awesome an excuse that is!)

I’ve finally got something new to show!

I picked up this wrap skirt from the second hand shop because it was linen. It did fit, but was mostly sack-like in a bad way, so into the chopping pile it went.

original linen skirt

original linen skirt closeup

Seemed a perfect time to break open the May 2010 burdastyle magazine – I really liked the #114 halter dress. Turns out the skirt on said dress is a 2-tier gathered affair, which was definitely not going to work with the amount of fabric I had, but using the same bodice, cutting off the top of the original skirt, then folding the excess in as pleats seemed to be a simple solution.

If I took the button placket off the fronts (since it opens with a side zip, they were decorative only) and use broadcloth for the bodice lining, I could fit the front and back pieces on the “wrap” part of the skirt.

Easy peasy, right?

This is my sewing downfall. Knitting, well everyone knows knitting takes a while. I’m at peace with that. But a “simple, basic” sewing project? Somehow I expect to sit down and bang that out in an afternoon. I’m happier with the complex garments, because I’m in it for the duration, enjoying the process. Basic pieces I just want to wear.  Preferably yesterday. So this one drove me a bit nuts, taking over a month to finish!

burdastyle 05/10 #114

See? Simple, basic, live in it during the summer type of throw-on dress.

burdastyle 05/10 #114 (altered) front

burdastyle 05/10 #114 back (altered)

I think I need to learn that just because I can mentally go through the steps in 30 seconds, doesn’t mean I can sew that fast ;).

I did end up altering the back pattern piece as well – my shoulders are pretty rounded (I’ve got more pilates videos out from the library – knitting and computer work are murder on posture!), and the original back pulled up and hung funny in order to get the straps around to the front. So I added 1″ to the upper back (at the meeting of the straps, then redrew the outside angles again), and took it back off the bottom (the swayback might have something to do with why I needed that last bit, I’m not sure, I just tried it and it worked!).

I’m so glad it’s done!!!


One thought on “Time dilation

  1. Applause!!!! Very nice. Should be a lovely cool summer dress.

    On a side note, I finally unearthed my sewing machine again and finished the drapes for the North Bedroom 🙂

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