Another Men’s Shirt Refashion

After the fights with DH’s shirt (not nearly solved yet!), I was so happy to whip up something fun. Even if that something fun started out as a men’s shirt (hey, wait – was that Freudian scissors I was wielding?)

Plaid Shirt Makeover

Men’s shirt, collar and button band left in tact, everything else pulverized.

Back view

(ok, the top of the yoke was left too, but I shortened it considerably, and took out the back pleat)

Refashioned plaid shirt, side view

I had intended to girl-i-fy it even more by adding ruching to the bottom of the sleeves, but they turned out too tight for that. Really should make a note in the pattern about that to save myself if I use it again!

I used Simplicity 4487 as the pattern template for the side seams, sleeves, and pocket (in my usual-for-Simplicity one size smaller than I should – which may explain the sleeve situation, but I’m pretty sure the next size up didn’t add that much to the sleeve diameter). The dart centre lines were from the pattern, but I tried it on and pinched out the proper amount of fabric for all 4 instead of using theirs (because that really doesn’t work on my body!).

A pretty awesome end to a weekend – it’s in the closet ready for Monday morning! Even if I will have to wear a tank top instead on the commute ;). (The office is cold enough – heck the office will probably demand the cardigan I have stashed in the drawer!)


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