Stash Reduction Plan 2010

stash cupboard

The plan is this. All the sewing stash needs to fit in the cupboard and the bookshelves. Should be doable – there’s only two more rubbermaid bins and a few piles on top of this, and there is some empty space on the shelves right now…

Won’t say it won’t require sewing up a storm, but then I have a plan as long as my arm for the fall and the start of a new degree for both DH and I. Sewing up a storm is what I need to do. And having a usable living room won’t hurt either ;).

So what am I doing?

Yosemite bottom

Yosemite from Knitty Spring 2008. The cotton is reclaimed, two tone (beige and ecru), something I’ve had for a couple of years, but that and the new Addi Turbos worked out almost perfectly (the swatch didn’t pull in as much as the pattern suggested, so I went down a size in width, but using my size for the lengths). Gotta say, these Addis are smooooooooth. Right, shirt for DH. I’ll get right on that. Just let me finish this row.


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