Two easy pieces

drape front purple tshirt

Sometimes there’s no cure for sewing frustration like a quick diversion project.

purple T laid flat

(apologies for the picture quality – my camera did not like the mottled purple – see how nice the wood grain came out?)

As usual, I started from my fitted copy of Jalie 2005 (apparently now out of print). With this one I slashed and spread the front piece of the boatneck version to add a drape to the front neckline. In order for it not to matter how it fell, I decided on partially self-lining the front.

inside the purple tshirt

(inside view of the front)

Since this jersey is so slinky, I encased a piece of ribbon when I sewed down the back neckline – it turned out to be a good move!

blue print tshirt

Blue print tshirt out of the same pattern, but this fabric had a lot less give in it.

blue print tshirt flat

Both are made from leftovers from this year’s SWAP, so double bonus! And my stash closet is now 2 metres lighter ;).

Now, back to DH’s shirt!!


2 thoughts on “Two easy pieces

  1. Those are both lovely! I love the boat neck version – that little bit of drape worked out superbly! Both of those tops fit so nicely – excellent work.

  2. They are both great tops. Good job. I really like the drape at the neckline on the boat neck. It makes me want to whip something up. I think you might be right, a quick diversion project may be the answer to everything!

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