Wayfarer – in alpaca!

I’m happy to say I finally got some knitting time. I feel both more relaxed, and more excited – I’ve got materials for some great things waiting in the wings, I can’t wait to get more done!

An unexpected trip to Gaspereau Valley Fibres left me with 2 skeins of “baby alpaca” (that was all that was listed on the hand-drawn shelf label, there were no ball bands). It was fingering weight, likely natural colours (since all they had were various shades of brown), and soooooo soft I couldn’t put it down when it was time to go.

Even though it was much lighter weight than called for, I wanted to try the Wayfarer Scarf by Jared Flood (of Brooklyn Tweed fame). I started by figuring out my gauge on appropriate sized needles and what stitch count would be needed to make a 7-8″ wide scarf. I got about 4″ in when I realized I was going to have a yarn shortage problem. So back to the calculator to figure out what I could manage… which turned out to be 6″ wide, and a stitch count that was… (dramatic pause) exactly what the pattern called for.

Turned out that the relatively loose gauge and alpaca yarn meant the thing stretches hugely long, which means I really could have gone for the wider, shorter scarf, but this way I didn’t need to fiddle with the design.

Even though I did anyway ;). I added a few more “swoops” once I found out that Jared only had one in there. With the alpaca yarn, blocking wasn’t going to be a problem.

Wayfarer Scarf in baby alpaca

Photographing dark brown in winter though… that’s a constant problem!

Wayfarer Scarf in baby alpaca

It is very cozy, and very warm, and lots of length to wrap around. I think DH and I are going to be fighting over this one!


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