So cushy and warm…

Yes, folks, it really is Winter. When even the Maritimes get buried and frozen, it’s time to pull out the seriously warm stuff.

We’re talking alpaca. Add in a little silk and merino, just for the added luxury (Knit Picks Andean Silk), and you got yourself yarn to drop everything else for. Good thing I did, since I got this number done just in time for the snowstorms!

Covalent Rings Hat

I knit the cable sideways together with a plain stockinette facing that got folded up inside, then picked up stitches in the round along the top edge and finished the crown. So not only does it have the extra thickness that cables bring, plus a smaller-than-suggested needle size, but a whole ‘nuther layer inside. Through two snowstorms and a cold snap, my ears haven’t felt a thing :).

Covalent Rings (detail)

Between this, the alpaca scarf from the last post, and some alpaca fingerless gloves (with my hands kept in my pockets!), I’ve been so toasty I wonder why my cheeks are stinging. Hmmmm – balaclava next?

For anyone interested, I’ve also written up the pattern (up on my website here, or over on Ravelry here and Patternfish here). We can all be toasty together.


2 thoughts on “So cushy and warm…

  1. I LOVE this hat!
    However, I’m having trouble with the M1, increase 1to3, Make 1. It doesn’t look as smooth as yours… any tips or re-wording you could help me with?

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