The upside of being sick over the holidays…

prime knitting time!

Chicago shawl

which started from a side trip to Chicago’s Loopy Yarns while waiting for my pizza to be ready – it was a long day at a tech filled conference, I was about ready for some colourful and cushy:

Chicago yarn

The royal purple, which turned into this shawl, is Cascade Heritage Silk – rich, deep colour with a bit of a sheen from the silk. (The other is Tosh Sock, colourway “Nebula” – had to come home with me too!)

A quick jaunt on Ravelry popped up Emily Ross’ Haruni, who’s border I really liked. But the leaf/candlelight lace pattern for the main shawl didn’t catch my interest, so I started playing.

Chicago shawl med view

The alternating angled leaf pattern turned more like trees, and didn’t flow well into the border, so I added flowers – what turned out more like big and little flowers actually, which worked just fine.

Chicago shawl close up

I had leftover beads from my Odonata scarf, which are a combination of dark green and purple in a triangular shape. I started adding them to the leaves of the border (once I figured out where the spines were in the lace pattern!!), and just barely managed to squeak them out to the end of the leaves. I think I have about 5 beads left over. Was going to look for other beads to add to the crochet edging, but I think it looks fine the way it is.

Chicago shawl close up 2

Please ignore the safety pins – I ran out of straight pins for blocking, they’re all in the sewing projects. Fingers crossed I’ll have something else to show soon – something else that’s also silk, and will go very nicely with this shawl!

Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk, fingering weight, 1 skein – most of the 437 yards
Pattern: edging from Haruni (linked above), the rest the usual triangular shawl method with added lace patterns
Notions: leftover triangular seed beads – if I ever find the package, I’ll update!
Ravelry link: Chicago Shawl


2 thoughts on “The upside of being sick over the holidays…

  1. Dont you love Loopy Yarns? I got the HandMaiden Swiss silk there that I knit my moms Kamille with. And, did you know that they carry, in stock, Signature needles? My new favorite needle. In fact I’m going to start slowly replacing my addis with Signatures. Slowly…
    Love the Haruni! Just gorgeous.

    1. I had a wonderful time there, so many great colours in so many smooshy yarns :). I didn’t get as far as the needles when I was there, the Signatures sound amazing!

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