Home dec: not sewing

but an awful lot of staple removal!

My DH is the master of treasure hunts. He brought home a couple of chairs in the last year that needed a little sprucing up.

Original, chair 1

Unfortunately I didn’t get a shot of the second one before I hit it with the screwdriver –

Under construction: chair 2

and the first one didn’t fair much better with DH & I wielding tools

Under construction: chair 1a

Under construction: chair 1b

Over the summer I pulled staples. Lots and lots and lots and lots of staples. You know, the “hey, this’ll be easy once we figure out how to take the chair apart” which turns into weekends of skinned knuckles – that game. Which is why I swear off home dec. I just can never remember that when in a furniture showroom and faced with $400 price tags :P.

But the end?

Finished chair 1

Finished chair 2

(six months later even!)

The end almost makes up for it!


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