A little 60s flash

As soon as I saw this BurdaStyle pattern, I knew exactly what to do with it.
BurdaStyle Dress with A-line Skirt

From my mom’s stash, I got this silk dress. She likely got it from an estate sale, and it looks like the tourist dresses you can get in Asia – the tag inside says STAR OF SIAM 100% pure silk, handwoven in Thailand.
Original Thai dress
Gorgeous colour: check.
Gorgeous fabric: check.
Border print: check!

The pattern is a petite, which I’m not. Except that I’m short waisted (my neck-to-waist measurement is actually an inch SHORTER than Burda’s petite sizing), and not model-long-legged, so I ended up using a smaller size than my usual for the upper bodice, and the length of my usual size, and ended up with the same basic outcome as the picture. With several more inches around :P. I didn’t know to do this: I started with a sheet muslin of most of the dress, pinched out what I needed to, and compared it to the original pattern. It was much easier when I figured out I just had to switch lines! The length was of necessity – that’s how much I could eek out of the other dress!

Finished Silk Dress

Most of these pictures were taken the day after the event, the fabric held up really well to the travelling and the event! The lighting seems to only pick up the shine of the gold thread in the border print sometimes in these pictures.

I was a little disappointed at first. My impression of the pattern picture was that this dress was very “Audrey Hepburn”. What I ended up with was very 60s-mod. Face on, I look very, very rectangular. Which is understandable, since I am very rectangular, but I figured the colour blocking would mask that. Instead, the horizontal stripes did what horizontal stripes do, even if they didn’t go all the way around.

Finished silk dress, side view

But then, when trying to figure out a wrap, I pulled out the vintage 60s brocade jacket (in vintage 60s polyester) out of the back closet:

Silk dress with jacket

I like :).

Silk dress in action

And it got a few complements last night too!


One thought on “A little 60s flash

  1. Like what you did to the dress! I have a Star of Siam long dress bought in Thailand 30+ years ago, which I’m going to sell. Here’s some info. about the company: “A growing demand from tourists for Western-style garments made out of Thai silk inspired Vera Cykman to establish Star of Siam in 1956. Hers was one of the first companies in Thailand to manufacture ready-to-wear Thai silk apparel. Cykman worked in collaboration with Jim Thompson. [Thompson founded hai Silk Company and was the American entrepreneur generally deemed responsible for stimulating world-wide interest in Thai silk.] Cykman took silk produced by Thampson’s weavers and transformed it into stunning suits, dresses and blouses. She opened her first boutique under the staircase of the Oriental Hotel where it remained for 33 years. 

Star of Siam’s designs were an enormous success. They soon appeared in major department stores in American and Europe and were published in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Women’s Wear Daily. The company was a fashion leader in chic, ready-to-wear silk garments, with several outlets around Bangkok.” 

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