Kidney warmers, and a little more pant length

Sure, it’s been unseasonably warm this winter, but that doesn’t stop the shivers when cold drafts hit skin first thing in the morning!

DH is a tall guy, and often gets “cold kidneys” when his shirt and waistband part ways (I’m working on that too, but shirt drafts are hard!). I finally had a brainstorm:


OK, extra long undershirts were only part of the solution. The brainstorm part was:

fleece liner

a strip of fleece sewn in over the lower back section! Double warm.

Now if only I could get the sleeve draft right in his shirts…

In other warming news, I finally had enough of cold ankles in my tan pants. I’d gotten them second hand, and apparently the last person to own them was a bit shorter than I. Turns out they just flipped up the hem and stitched again, so I didn’t need to redo the seam, just undo their alteration. But as any one who’s taller than me would know, letting down hems isn’t quite that simple: there’s the worn line at the old hemline to contend with…

longer pants

I found some seam tape in my stash that was a good match. Yes, normally seam tape goes on the inside, but hey, my ankles are warm! I did a quick overcast stitch on the sewing machine – normally I’d do invisible stitches by hand, but I’ll be lucky if these pants last more than another year, so I wasn’t going to put in the effort. I also considered tea-dyeing crochet style lace as the trim, but that was a bit too fancy for the style of these pants.

Stay warm!


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