You win some, you lose some

pattern layout

It was a bad day.

First I pulled out a pair of wool pants I’d cut out a couple of years ago, and although the fit of that pattern was several iterations ago, I figured it wouldn’t hurt too much to make them up anyway. I start in on them, only to find out that the wool has a worn spot right on the upper thigh. I did buy that fabric new, but it was cheap for wool, and that was probably why.

So I moved onto a great Burda pattern (World of Fashion magazine, December 2009)
Burda 12/09 #115

Pattern traced.

Pattern edited to match my usual fit changes.

Pattern just barely fit on the 100% wool fabric I got from my aunt (who likely had it since the 70s).


Start cutting out, only to realize there’s a gash in the fabric right in the middle of the front thigh, sewn together with a whipstitch using the same thread that’s in the fabric, so likely done in the factory.


I had started to play around with embellishing the leg with embroidery or lace or something to cover the slit, but really – do I want to put that much work into fabric that’s obviously seconds, and ancient to boot?

Two tosses in one day. Ouch.


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