SWAP gets me again…

I’m pretty sure signing up for this is madness, but the great thing about Stitcher’s Guild’s SWAP (Sewing With A Plan) contest is even if you don’t finish, you’ve got a great set of pieces that work together already. And plenty of encouragement!

What got me going this time was this year’s rules split the garments into two capsules with one linking garment, so I didn’t need to come up with 11 pieces that all worked together. And then when someone mentioned a dance capsule… I was hooked :).

SWAP2013: dance

Jeans, black yoga pants, knit shirts, and a 1/2 sleeved plaid top are included in the “casual” capsule, three leo sets (I’ve decided to split them into tanks and bottoms for versatility) and chiffon skirts for the dance capsule, with a black knit cover up to work with both. Technically if I make 2-piece leos, I don’t need the skirts for the rules (3 tops, 2 bottoms), but I want at least one anyway! I’m debating making a dance dress instead.

Hey, the planning is half the fun, right? Now to see if my new sewing machine is quiet enough that DH can watch tv at the same time as I sew up a storm :).


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