Baby Sewing

I didn’t think I’d get into much sewing and knitting for the babies – when you live with them every day you know when the item you worked so hard on doesn’t get used at all, gets rejected, or gets stained 5 minutes after putting it on. But it turns out that fibre arts are my calm place, and even 15 minutes can be a better reset button than an extra 15 minutes of sleep. Still didn’t get much done, but a lot more than I planned!

Starting with the extras.

A couple of diaper items:

Katrina’s Wool Diaper Soaker Pattern using a cashmere sweater that had a hole in it. Yummy soft.

mint soakers

Pocket diapers using Jalie’s 2907 Cloth Diaper and Cover Pattern

fluffy pocket diapers

For these I used cotton interlock for the inside and water repellent fleece on the outside. The pattern is great – the weight ranges are low (diapers fit bigger) if using stretchy fabric. I did find that not all Velcro can have the edges curved with scissors – these diapers ended up with frayed edges on the Velcro. I’ve since made another set and didn’t round the edges, the Velcro held up fine. I think I prefer having the Velcro under the wings instead of sticking out like this, but it works.

The fleece was fine at home, but isn’t something I’d trust in a car seat (compression wicking) or if changes were likely to be delayed. They are also more bulky, so harder to fit under clothes. The interlock was the bigger mistake, it gets heavy and stays soaking wet – obviously. I just hadn’t realized how much better the technical fabrics in cloth diapers had gotten! I decided if I was going to make any more I’d get PUL and wicking jersey/fleece fabrics. Then added up the cost of those… yikes. That project got derailed!

But come on, how cute is this?

fluffy bums

Sleep Sacs:

No pattern on this one, just took the sleepers for the next size up for length and added a few inches to the bottom, and a bit on the sides, and sketched the pattern. One long zipper on the front. I used a v-neck to keep their neck and mouth free, but if I were to do it again I’d do a high back neck – the double low neckline in stretchy fleece meant it was possible for them to slip out of the sac. They never did though.

sleep sac

Coming up: clothes, coats, and shoes!


2 thoughts on “Baby Sewing

    1. Thank you! And thank you for finding me after all this time! There are a few more baby posts, but I hope to be back to big people sewing and knitting shortly.

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