Catching Up (out of order)

So this is what happens when you accidentally schedule your second post before you have a chance to write the first. Surprise!

When we last spoke (neglecting the aforementioned second post of course), I had a grand plan for SWAP. A dance/casual collection. I actually got two sets done.
pink tank

blue tank

Loosely based on Jalie 2915, I joined the pieces together to make a standard two piece tank top and added a shelf bra. The strap designs were draped after looking at a lot of dance wear, and look better on than flat! Then I only got one or two wearings out of them because…

Baby A

and Baby B

added up to not fitting newly made dance clothes 😉

And hence the wrinkles of being crammed in a dance bag for a long, long time! The bottoms did reappear during the dance class I managed to squeeze in with babies, but it’ll be a while before the tops fit again.

Burda #104 05/2010

#104 from BurdaStyle May 2010 however is much more kind. This is a mint rayon fabric that I saved forever trying to find a deserving project. Turns out the fabric isn’t as lovely as I imagined, it wrinkles so, so badly, and doesn’t drape quite as nicely now that it’s been washed. But it’s a great colour, and breathable. I used a different technique for the gathers – I wrapped thread elastic around the bobbin and loosened the tension on the top thread and just sewed straight lines. I hand tied the tails together, but it wasn’t quite well enough because two have become loose. Other than that, it’s been a great summer staple.

Still sad about that SWAP plan. The knitted cover up was turning out so nicely in Cascade 220 on giant needles, but I have no use for it now! And a lot of heads to keep warm this winter…


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