Lots of Hats!

Hats are lovely, quick knits (especially baby sized), yet somehow I always seem to be behind the eight ball when it gets cold out. It’s about to happen again…

They came home from the hospital in Newborn Sock Hats made with sock yarn.
sock hats


(I swear, they seemed huge at the time… those bitty things.) The hats lasted most of the winter, but not quite, so maybe to 4 months?

One of my favourites was the Celtic Cable Cap. I used sock yarn and got a baby sized hat quite easily… a bit too easily as they outgrew it quite quickly. They didn’t have a chance to fill out the peak before it got to narrow.
celtic cable hat

A couple of vintage “sock heel helmets” from a 1960s Patons pamphlet, using fingering weight held double (Knit Picks Gloss). I had to change the stitch counts to get a baby sized hat in the gauge I had, and adjusted for the second one. But it is a clever construction: knit flat ribbing, bind off a few at the beginning and end, work straight up the side to the top of the head, then do a flap like a heel of a sock to cover the top. I added short rows at the edge to make the brim, since the original leaves your forehead bare (brrr), but need to do that more aggressively or design something else for coverage next time.
sock heel hat
The babies didn’t like buttons under their chins (could have something to do with their lack of neck…), so I ended up sewing up the ribbing ends instead – they stretched fine over the head to put it on. Once again, they outgrew them. Going to have to harvest this yarn and try again, it’s a good one to wear under bike helmets.
And a new one which will fit much longer, a Stella Pixie Hat. I based a small neck warmer attachment off of Machamaya on Ravelry, shorter with different stitch count due to using sock yarn. I mixed in some Fleece Artist Somoko ends (the light coloured stripes) in with the Regia Monaco Color because I was worried that the neck warmer part was going to eat up too much yarn. I needn’t have worried, one ball of the Regia would have been fine.
pixie hat
I see many more of these in my future – just ribbing in the back section and alternating stockinette/reverse stockinette in the front section, and it stays tight to the child’s face and grows with them. And looks adorable!


2 thoughts on “Lots of Hats!

  1. Thanks for the great review. I just happened on the pixie hat last night on Ravelry. Same hat different pattern name. I cast on right away for my youngest grandsweetie who is 2 months. I have five more granddaughters to knit for. The oldest is 12. I’m trying to decide how many of them will wear pixie hats. 🙂 I wasn’t super pleased with the ties or button band for the baby. I think this pullover type will be what I settle on. How is the last hat working?

    1. It seemed to work well, but only got used for a few weeks before the weather warmed up last year. I can tell you it’s absolutely adorable though!

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