Baby Clothes (Part II)

First up, a pair of dresses out of quilting fabric (since I have a hard time remembering how long I’ve had the fabric, it’s not likely to be quilted any time soon). I used an OOP Simplicity 9522 pattern that my mom used for flower girl dresses once upon a time. I used the embroidery stitches around the neckline to secure the facings in a cute way (flowers and ducks!). Being an early 1990s pattern, it’s quite oversized and these 2 year dresses are likely to be big on them at 3.
apron dresses

Next up is a refashion, from one of my husband’s old shirts. Butterick 3782 is an adorable dress and hat (the hat is cut out, but may not fit by the time I put it together). This has been a very easy wearing dress, no worries about what activities they are into.

plaid dress

Jalie 3355 is a versatile sweat suit pattern that’s likely to be pulled out time and again, since the sizes go up to women’s. These two are made of Roots interlock, and I actually put the pockets in, thinking toddlers might like them.

yellow jogging pants

Cross-stitch embroidery stitch around the pockets.

jogging pant pockets

So far they haven’t discovered the pockets are there, but as with other Jalie things, they can wear these for a while. Time yet for bringing pebbles and bugs home.

The last is a hack of the Ladybug Bend MaliAll Overalls. The swirl fabric is heavy bottomweight, and I couldn’t get “overalls” out of my head. This pattern has the criss-cross back instead of the double bib, like I wanted. There was enough fabric for one pair of overalls and another pair of pants only. The pants got made. I really have to get on the overalls! Plenty of room for cloth diapers, thankfully.

swirl pants

I also made quite a number of t-shirts out of my trusty Jalie 2005 – bought before they made it into a pdf download, and used so many times I’ve lost count, first for me, now for them. I love this pattern. But I fail to take pictures.


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