A bit of lace

Misty Maiden

There’s nothing like silk and beads. And wonderful husbands who pick out Mini Maiden yarn from Handmaiden for a present. The beads I had in my stash already, but were a perfect match.

This is Boo Knits’ Love In A Mist pattern using the long lace option (with yarn to spare). One day I’ll get better pictures, having it out of the box for a while! I think I’m going to have to put it in constant use this fall, whether it goes with what I’m wearing or not!


I also had some left over alpaca yarn (UK Alpaca Wool Sport) from my Snow White (wait, I didn’t blog Snow White?? Must remedy that!) which I made into a matching beret and cowl set Anthera. Unfortunately it was in the misty times where I wasn’t making good notes, and I’m not sure how I handled the different yarn weight. I’m pretty sure I just used the bigger needles and it worked out fine, but they don’t feel overly open and drapey, so I’m not sure. See what happens when you fall off the blog-train?


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