Duffle Coat

Debbie Bliss’ Duffle Coat

Debbie Bliss Duffle Coat

In Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece “DK” (works up to worsted gauge). I made the 6 month size, finished it when they were just about 6 months old… and they still wear it at almost 2! The combination of oversized, garter stitch give, and high cotton percentage in the yarn along with unrolling the cuffs means there’s still life in this sweater.

It’s looking a bit worse for wear in the picture, as I didn’t get any when it was fresh off the needles, but it’s still a favourite. If I were to make it again, I’d shorten the hood a bit – the big hood looks adorable in pictures, but not quite as practical in a warming-sense (the cotton probably bit me there too, this hood is likely bigger than the pattern due to the cotton growing over time).

I think I may have to add this to the Baby Shower crafting list! Oh, I see a new tag for posts!


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