Baby Coats

baby jacket front

Now for a different take on Coats. These have been a lifesaver. I was trying to figure out how to keep the babies warm when taking them out of the car in the middle of winter. It’s unsafe to put them in snowsuits in the car, because during an accident the snowsuit compresses making the straps too loose and the baby can be ejected from the seat. But we don’t have a van, so I can’t take them out of the seats and put on a snowsuit before the cold air hits them.

I needed something thin enough not to need extending the straps on the car seat, but warm enough for transport between car and inside.

Enter PolerTec Hi Loft Power Shield and Jalie 2679. The PolarTec has a windproof/water resistant thick nylon layer, with “fur” welded to the underside. The fleece booties at the bottom of the Baby Shoes post shows the lime green fur on the inside. The Jalie pattern is cleverly pieced so as to use almost all of the fabric. The Power Shield is a wide width, and out of 2 meters I got two size 2 coats, two size 3 coats, two size 2 jogging pants (from Jalie 3355), the booties and attempts at two pairs of mittens. This fabric will make wonderful mittens, once I get it right for little fingers!

baby jacket back

They’ve been amazing. They look fabulous, they kept babies warm without bulk, and they’ve stayed relatively stain-free so far. Fingers crossed they fit a while longer (I now wish I’d cut out a size 2 and size 4 and just tried to bridge the size 3, but we’ve certainly got the use out of the size 2 already!). Being a Jalie pattern, it goes from toddler size 2 to plus sized women’s – I’d really like one for myself too!


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