They were going to be knee socks…

Alpha Stockings Interweave Knits Winter 2010

Interweave Knits Winter 2010

One problem with designing for magazines is you don’t always get the samples back. Interweave didn’t used to send them (they’ve since changed their policy), so the Alpha Stockings I designed for me, I made for them… and now don’t have.

So I started on a pair for myself. With reverse stockinette on the toe and sole for a nice smooth inside. Knitting in the car during morning and evening commutes.

Well, even with bad traffic – cabled knee socks will take a long, long time like that.

Take two.

Regular socks. The cable patterns flow into each other up the leg, which would be lost in a short form, so I decided just to continue the Switch Rib up the leg. Bonus – don’t have to carry cable charts with me!

This pattern works well as a travel knit, as the twisted stitches don’t need a cable needle, and the altered heel design creates a flap heel without having to pick up any stitches, so I didn’t need to carry a crochet hook either.

OK, so maybe I got a little too impatient and stopped them a smidge too early (always the risk in toe-up – top down you have to stick it out or you get cold toes), but Done! Done! Done!

short alpha sock side
short alpha sock

It’s been a while since I put on hand made wool socks… yum. Looking forward to toasty toes this winter!

(I even found the foot of a sock that started this whole project! Different pattern repeat, and the leg portion had a cable that didn’t work, but I now have a third sock done to the leg! Not a bad week ;)).


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