Toddler Tunic

Although they technically won’t be toddlers by the time it fits!

Kwik Sew 2596 – out of print already


As I’m getting a little smarter, I decided to cut out size 4 since they have moved into size 3 now. If I got it done early, we can roll up sleeves, otherwise it’s still usable when I get around to it.

Well, I got “around to” the first one the next day. Second one is cut out and waiting, but with a serger this makes up really fast (like nap-fast).

The only change I made was to the width of the turtleneck. The crew neck pattern piece has two widths: 1 for “ribbing”, 1 for “self-fabric”, but the turtleneck only had the ribbing width. Since I was using interlock for the neck and cuffs, I used the “self-fabric” width from the crew neck for the turtleneck.

It’s quite roomy. I don’t think they’ll get any wear out of it this winter, even with rolled up sleeves. Which means I should ignore the second one and work on other things. But how can you pass up such cute instant-gratification?

(One pair of leggings in the dark blue are also cut out. I seem to be the queen of cutting out, not so hot at sewing up these days!)


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