Belated Snow White

It was a bit of a shock when I wrote up the hat and cowl a few weeks ago, and found out I couldn’t link to the original project I was using the yarn ends from… because I hadn’t posted it!

So I’m relying a bit on my notes on Ravelry, since my memory of 2011 isn’t quite so detailed. But this turned out so lovely, I couldn’t let it slide another 4 years.

Based on Ysolda Teague’s Snow White

(she has such amazing patterns – I forgot about the little stuffed animals, I may have to try my hand at toys…), I fell in love with the neckline-sleeve design, but I made a few modifications. First the yarn I had was thinner than what was called for, so I picked a size that gave me a stitch count I needed according to my gauge. I also knew that my rectangular shape does not do well with a completely ribbed tube – the diverging lines around the tummy are not so flattering.

Me, previous to the kidlets in 2011!


Between the back and front shaping lines, I used plain stockinette, and reverse stockinette at the centre front. I increased the hip stitch count to match bust, and moved the upper bust shaping outward to preserve the ribbing pattern.

I used UK Alpaca Superfine brand Alpaca Wool Sport in midnight colourway and 4.5mm needles. It’s very warm. The only downside is the neckline is too low for my taste to wear on its own, and most of my days aren’t out in the cold enough to wear it layered! I still love it though.


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