The Challenge Series I: Swimsuit

SWT (sewing while tired) is a double-edged sword for me. On the pro side – the amount of time I have for sewing while not tired is exactly zero, and for some reason tired = no energy to be worried about anything so inconsequential as sewing. On the con side – well, there’s the mistakes.

In the spirit of no worries, I embarked on my three biggies this fall/winter: a bathing suit, fitting pants, and a bra. The bathing suit was first due to the second discount department store suit spontaneously combusting. So what if I forgot to cut the side panels for the skirt, then when I put those in I sewed the front wrong side out? It took 3 times longer than it should have, but in the end I have a bathing suit I wouldn’t have had if I let the lack of sleep get to me!

jalie bathing suit flat

It’s a combination of two Jalie patterns. I cut off the bottom of view B from 3350 one-piece swimsuit and added about 3/8″-1/2″ to the side seams at the bottom so it wouldn’t roll up. I lengthened it past the hip with the intention of ruching the side seams for some tummy camouflage, but it looks better without the gathers. Most of the top was basted by hand in the car during commuting (I’m the passenger!), and I like that I didn’t have lots of layers of serger thread over the bust with all the lining, etc basting. The skirt is the 2796 multi-sport skort with only a single layer panel on the side seams and cut shorter. Both were traced to the sizes that matched my measurements, or a little below.

I bought swimsuit cups from Bra Maker’s Supply. I’m glad I got extra sizes, as they turned out a lot bigger than I was expecting! I’ve got the smallest size I bought (at least one size down) in the suit now, and it was a hard shove to get them in the pockets. It really needed a FBA.

It’s not a total hit. The alterations worked fine. Cutting the lining of the top 1″ narrower did nothing for smoothing out the front, and the swirly design on the fabric, instead of hiding droopy-pudginess in fact enhanced it thus no modeled photos! I’m not sure that the lengths are the best for design either, but that I can play around with. The skirt is annoying in water, but the top stays put ok. I’m going back to the drawing board for the next one but this one is in regular rotation. And it’s finished, yay for SWT! (And blogging while sick, hence the late documentation!)


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