Inverse Socks

Inverse socks, both knit and purl sides, side view

Don’t like walking on purl bumps? Don’t like purling a lot? Inverse is a reversible sock with flap heel, worked with the stockinette side out for ease of knitting. Prefer the look of the knit side? It works that way too! Another option: continue the stitch pattern all the way around the leg!

Both toe-up (with no picked up stitches) and top-down versions are available. Both versions look nearly identical – the sample pair was made with one sock top-down and one toe-up.

The directions are based on stitch markers, so any needle style can be used (double points, 2 circulars, or Magic Loop). A look up chart allows you to knit based on men’s shoe sizes (although the lower stitch counts can work for many women’s feet too, with finer needles or yarn), and the worksheet provided means you can pick a size based on your own gauge. Included under “Techniques”: a brief description of wrap&turn, a stretchy bind-off, and links to extra cast-on and bind-off resources..

Pattern has been extensively test knit. Stitch counts 64 to 76 sts around are included. Up to 450 yds (410m) sock (fingering) gauge yarn and stitch markers needed. All measurements are given in both US and metric.

Inverse sock bottom showing gusset decreases

US$5.50, 5 page PDF pattern for the toe-up version: **

US$5.50, 5 page PDF pattern for the top (cuff)-down version: **

NOTE: there is a more detailed pattern available using needle numbers (which stitches go on which needles) rather than stitch markers. If you wish to have this version, pop me an email (see the address in the sidebar) after you have purchased the pattern.

**all pattern sales are handled by Ravelry’s cart system. You do not have to be a member of Ravelry (the link will take you directly to PayPal), but I use them because they have a secure cart system for handling payments.

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