Lása Shawl Headband

lasa shawl headband draped

Lasa Headband

Lasa Headband 2

First published in MagKnits.

O’ing and Ah’ing over the gorgeous shawl patterns, and other people’s finished projects?  Tempted to try, but haven’t yet gotten the courage to start such a large scale project?  This might be just the thing to get your feet wet!

Lása can be knit in several ways.  If you are new to lace, Version 1 has just the centre panel – an 8-row repeat lace panel with garter stitch edges.  A little more adventurous? Version 2 has the edging knit separately, then sewn on.  Going for the whole experience? Version 3 has picked up stitches around the centre panel and the edging knit on.  Note that the edging is fairly simple along the sides, but incorporates short rows to make the corners.

 A chance comment by my photographer (“That’s the way you wear it?”) turned into a game of finding other options!  Headband, mini-scarf, ascot…

Uses a small amount of lace weight yarn (two colours or one), and US size 3/3.25mm needles.  

Available for FREE – download this 1MB .pdf file.

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