New Patterns, part 1! Lása Olann Pullover

These patterns came out of the requests of my present and potential test knitters, and I must say they had some good ideas! Remember Lása Cadáis?

Lása Cadáis

I got requests both for a long sleeved version, and a cardigan (see next post!). Now I had two of the tees already made up, and the thought of adding two more to my collection seemed a bit much… but there just might be enough of the green to add long sleeves to the tee if I was lucky.


I was – although not quite lucky enough to save both short sleeves to swap back out next summer (I only have one now!).

lása olann pullover front view
Lása Olann Pullover

It originally being meant for warmer weather, it was knit with negative ease (the yarn is partly cotton, so negative ease is necessary to behave as if it’s lightly skimming – add more than an inch of ease, and cotton will start to hang off you like you borrowed your brother’s sweater ;)). So the photoshoot at the end of October presented a conundrum – freeze, or put a shirt underneath? I did both (freeze and put a shirt underneath – sorry, but a t-shirt and a cotton sweater just doesn’t hack it with that wind!) – but it is really too tight for a shirt!

Lása Olann Pullover front view outside

Lása Olann Pullover detail

I have surprised myself at how useful a long sleeved cotton sweater can be inside though!

(Clicking on the pictures, or on the link in the sidebar under “Patterns” will get you to the pattern page for more details and buying info.)

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