Precipitous (sleeves)

Precipitous sleeve - solid version

Spring. There’s a blush of green on the trees. The mercury has finally hit melting levels, and the horribly over worn winter gear is tossed in favor of something new, light, and fresh! And that first step outside with the sun hitting bare skin is marvelous… until the wind hits you. Why it never does until you are too far from home to change, I don’t know.

Precipitous sleeve - lace version

These sleeves are just the ticket to turn your spring wear into something you can actually wear in spring. Make up a solid pair, or ones with a spiral of lace, or one of each, and they can live in the bottom of your bag (where there’s no room for a full cardigan) to be pulled out at boardwalks, ferries, or that notoriously windy corner on the way to work. Wear them with your favorite t-shirts or spring dresses and have the season start a few weeks earlier!

Precipitous - both versions

The pattern is written as a worksheet based on the arm measurements of the wearer, so feel free to chose your own yarn and needles, and get a great fit for any wrist/forearm/bicep measurement! The samples were made with Bernat Soy (sadly discontinued), which is a worsted weight soy/acrylic blend at a gauge of 21 sts/4 inches on US7/4.5mm needles. Any yarn with spring (wool or acrylic or blends of those) will work.

US$3.00, 5 page PDF pattern: **

**all pattern sales are handled by Ravelry’s cart system. You do not have to be a member of Ravelry (the link will take you directly to PayPal), but I use them because they have a secure cart system for handling payments.

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